Personalized Jewish Holidays Greeting Cards mailed directly from the Holy Jerusalem!

Send amazing Jewish Greeting Cards for your loved ones as a gift for any Jewish Holiday.
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    !חג שמח וכשר


Happy Customers

Happy Customer. Jewish Greeting Cards from the Holy Jerusalem

This is a picture of me when I was 3 years old.

I was born in Jerusalem, left Israel 6 years ago and now
I am 16 years old and live in Miami, Florida.

I received an amazing gift for Rosh Hashanah: a Rosh Hashanah
Greeting Card from Jerusalem.

To me it wasn’t just a regular Jewish greeting card, which you can buy at any store (at least in Miami). The fact that it was sent from the Western Wall means a lot to me.

I keep this card as a symbol, as a small piece of my childhood in Israel.
And it’s means so much to me.

Thank for giving Jews this wonderful opportunity by offering such a great service, and Rosh Shanah Tova U'Metuka!


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Personalized Jewish Holidays Greeting Cards

Give a unique keepsake
from the holiest place on earth!

Personalized Jewish Holidays Cards Mailed
Directly from the Holy Western Wall,
in the Old City of Jerusalem!

Our Jewish Holidays Cards are perfect for:
Any Jewish HolidayHanukkah - Purim - Tu B'Shvat
Passover - Shavuot - Birthdays - Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Shalom and Welcome to Jews Holidays!

Surprise your loved ones with sentiments from the land of our forefathers. We are all rooted by the history of Holy Jerusalem, where our roots first unite us in kindred spirit.

Many dream of visiting, and some do, but every one of us would be amazed and surprised to receive a keepsake from this memorable and symbolic land.

Imagine the delight of your friends and loved ones when you send a beautiful, personalized Jewish Holiday Greeting Card, mailed directly from the Western Wall in Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem- the holiest place of Jewish culture.

Click on the image below to see the specially designed envelope closer.

Unique envelope professionally designed by an artist
Perfect Greeting Cards with select assortment of uplifting messages and tasteful designs for all Jewish Hollidays!

Our beautiful Jewish Cards have been carefully crafted to deliver the warmest greetings for every occasion. They are sure to be cherished by your friends and family.

Toys break, flowers wilt, and candy never lasts, but a Greeting Card mailed directly from the Holy Jerusalem will be remembered and treasured for years to come!

Make someone feel very special and happy with unforgettable treasure from this sacred land just in 5 minutes!


Choose from multiple Greeting Cards designs for:

Greeting Cards for all Jewish Holidays

Hanukkah Greeting Cards

Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs Greeting Cards

Jewish Birthdays Greeting Cards

Our Jewish Holiday Greeting Cards features:
• Original artwork
• Printed on high quality paper
• Matching illustrated envelope stamped with the postmark of the Old City of Jerusalem

Click here for a closer look at one of our beautiful Jewish Greeting Card!

We mail Jewish Holidays Greetings and Greeting Cards from the Holy Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel around the world!


Happy Hanukkah 2014!